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Williams Lake Realities 1. Mini Series. May 23, 2018

Tanya Rankin: Hi it’s Tanya Rankin in Williams Lake. I’m gonna be doing a small little mini series kind like a tv series but it’s going to be just detailing things that are happening here in Williams Lake market. I promise I’m not gonna bore you with so many videos that you get sick of seeing me but I think a small mini series just to try and get out there some information on what’s happening in the market here in Williams Lake will be invaluable with people that are interested or possibly him in selling or thinking of buying, to understand what’s really going on in the market here. It’s an unpresented market for pricing in Williams Lake and in that a lots of stuff happening that of course is extremely frustrating for buyers especially and for sellers they’re really relying on expertise of a true proven professional. So what I want to talk to you about today is the process of being able to view properties and how that’s working with respect to different agents and how they are going to be marketing their homes as well as myself so, basically what’s happening is for buyers often they see a home that comes on to mls and they quickly call either the agent they working with or either the agent that has the listing. In an attempt to see if they can view the property and potentially get our foot on the door in order to make an offer and by the time we call they’re told they already had an accepted offer on it. Which of course can be very very frustrating, one of the reasons that’s happening is some people believe in holding their listings out and writing an offer on it quickly as they can and then putting it to mls so by the time we gets there it’s already got an accepted offer on it. It is a practice that’s completely allowed but it can be a little discouraging for buyers especially if you’ve been house hunting for quite some time and you finally see something that is exactly what you think you might want. The other thing that is happening is things that become listed are quickly going in to offer situations the minute that they come to the market there’s multiple people viewing them there’s more buyers and there are sellers so for anyone listing there’s multiple people that are interested in getting out and seeing it as quickly as possible. In my attempt to think that I was going to be giving everybody an equal opportunity meaning sellers as much activity for the home as possible but more importantly wanting all buyers and all agents to have an equal opportunity to get their clients into the home or for buyers to call their agent or me about viewing the home. I decided I will hold listings for two or three days so that everybody could have a chance to get through and then offers will be presented on a certain day on the certain time. Unfortunately when you do that you also are subjecting yourself to people that think you’re trying to intentionally force everyone if your listings into a multiple offers situation. So sellers might really be happy about that but buyers of course find that even more discouraging but the reality is it’s not an attempt to force anything in a multiple offers situation multiple offers are happening daily here in the Cariboo or at least in the Williams Lake area and why some agents will be doing that is one to try and be fair and get everybody whether they working with me or another agent equal opportunity on the property and the other reason is of course as a seller is the wisest thing you can do for your property when you are working with an agent that can get you absolutely the maximum exposure to the market you’re going to want to allow is many people through is possible because there is possibility that somebody’s going to be willing to pay a premium price for the property being that there are so few to choose from. If you have any questions on that or as a buyer if you’ve had any frustrations in the market you have questions and you wonder how it works please don’t hesitate to call me I’m happy to provide you with a little bit more explanation and as a seller again as I said please make sure you do your diligence the market is changing weekly and it’s unpresented time to be selling. On that note have a fantastic week and I will be back with the real estate realities of the Williams Lake market with another mini series.