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Williams Lake Realities Series #4 Officially Closing Deals

Tanya Rankin: Hi it’s Tanya Rankin in Williams Lake. I’m back to do another little quick update with respect to the market and the real estate reality mini series that I am just trying to put out there right now in order to help buyers and sellers understand where the market is at and how much it change and how quickly it change on the 12th month period. I want to talk today about the importance of getting your contract signed immediately upon a verbal acceptance. This is the kind of market you rarely has seen it ever in small northern communities but haven’t all the time in a bigger center like Vancouver but when you have agreed the terms it is absolutely prudent that you sign the contract immediately. Often unbeknown to a seller somebody will come in with a higher offer than the one accepted if you haven’t sign your contract it leaves that door open for somebody who come in and a verbal contract is not legally binding it makes it very easy for somebody to reseen that offer and when you’re talking in a ten of thousand of dollars in this market that people are willing to pay over and above a premium asking price already you can imagine like anybody if you are able to make an additional ten, twenty, thirty thousand you’re going to take advantage of opportunities so if you agreed the terms don’t hesitate to get your contract sign make sure that the teaser cross, the dotted everything is legally binding because it’s a market like this where strange and unexpected things happened and it can be very very  disappointing for you as a buyer or even for the agent it’s nothing that anyone wants to see happen but unfortunately it just does so make sure you understand the importance of having your contract sign and in ready. On that note I’ll be back on with the next mini series update. Have a fantastic week!