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Tanya Talks About What is Happening in the Williams Lake Real Estate Market

Tanya Rankin: Good morning. It’s Tanya Rankin in beautiful Williams Lake. Were coming out of an amazing weekend weather wise. It was just phenomenal there was still a fair amount happening in the real estate market but I kind a thought maybe it will be a good time to refresh you on and give you an updates to whats happened in the past ten days. I did it a few weeks ago back and I’m getting a lot of people that are asking me. What’s happening in the market? So it’s the easiest way for me to give you a quick synopsis is to tell you what we’ve had transpire. So we’ve had in the last ten days we’ve had 27 new listings, we’ve had 10 price reductions and 11 sales. So once again you can see that our supply is a little bit higher than what were actually getting sold right now. And that’s not that unusual at this time of the year. So I want to make sure that you realize that. First of all the long weekend and the stampede weekend here always slows things down a little bit. Most people want to get out and enjoy the weather as well as the all activities that we have and then the last probably for 5 days with extremely hot weather. That kind a happens so not surprising that were seeing that the supplies creeping up and that their sales are a little bit lower. But as we move further into the summer weather and getting closer to fall people wanting to get settled and organize for back to school. We’re gonna see that become a little bit more balanced again. On that note, if you have questions at all. You can always email me at and I hope you have a great week!