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Quarterly Update On Williams Lake Real Estate

Tanya Rankin Does a Quarterly Update on Williams Lake Real Estate

Tanya Rankin: Hi it’s Tanya Rankin in Williams Lake. I wanted to accorderly update and give a little bit of information about where I see the market this year we’ve had a little later start to that spring buzz we get here in the Cariboo. Last year we had an unseasonably warm February and that spring market took off immediately almost right near the last two weeks of the February. This year we’ve had a little bit of a mixed bag and that colder weather pattern is continued even into the preliminary stages of May which is bizarre for here but it has been in that way and we’ve haven’t seen an activity that we normally do in the way of listings. Property seater on the market are selling and they’re selling well because there’s not a lot of supply out there. That being said there’s not quite so many buyers but activities been really really good sales are up from last year where total of 56 solds last year the same time we were about 37 so definitely more sales have happened inventories remains low which is really great for sellers and we had a 908 active listings almost exactly same number that we had last year but we just not seeing quite the little houses in town and that basic for the first time home buyers home and you have one and you thinking to sell it it’s a great time to put it on the market because there’s just not a lot of competition. Buyers are still active really really price sensitive they’re not willing to pay a premium in spite of the fact there isn’t a lot of inventory on the market so the unusual market I feel is just a little bit unpredictable and moving forward I’m not 100% sure what we’re gonna see I would think that possibly we’re gonna see a little push right now similar to what we would normally see as a pre-spring market and then a little level of like it traditionally does to slower activity to the summer months. if you have any questions send me an email anytime  to and I hope you have a fantastic week!