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Tanya Rankin Video Blogs About The Market and May Long Weekend!

Tanya Rankin and Williams Lake Real Estate Video Blogs ABout the Hot Market On May Long Weekend

Tanya Rankin: Hi it’s Tanya Rankin in Williams Lake on the May long weekend usually a bit of a quiet time during the May long weekend because a lot of people take off and go camping and holidaying and do all that kind of fun stuff and sort of the start of summer here in the Cariboo but right now real estate market is hot in the Cariboo. To give you an idea it just this weekend my office alone has written nine offers and my office is just one person. That’s me. Nine offers three of which went in to multiple offer situations. I find that fascinating based on so many things that are going on throughout the provent and other areas and a lot of the media things that I’m hearing about different locations I would say we are really really lucky and fortunate to be experiencing that and I know I was reading in a western investor that in the Central Okanagan sales on single detached homes are down 17% from the same time last year on condos there down 24% and on townhouses they’re down 30%. Here that’s not the case which is fantastic for us for people in the Cariboo and their average home price is $266,000 which is down about 12% from the previous year. Anyways activities great here in the Cariboo if you’re thinking of selling it’s a great time get on board before that real summer heat starts and people tend to be taking off on the lake versus house hunting. If you have any questions send me an email anytime to and I hope you have a fantastic week!