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Blog by Tanya Rankin

Might Be Some Free Money Available

December 21st, 2010

Tanya Rankin suggests that if you have any free time over the holidays it may be a good time to check out the possible grants available for some of the home improvements you might be considering for 2011. The site is www.livesmartbc.ca/rebates. Take a look.

Tanya Rankin: Good morning! It’s Tanya Rankin it’s probably my last video blog of this year but I thought it was a really great time t ...

Time For Our Bi-Weekly Market Update

December 13th, 2010

Tanya discusses what has happened in the Williams Lake market over the past 14 days….

Tanya Rankin: Good morning. It’s Tanya Rankin in Williams Lake. It’s time for our bi-weekly update and to see what’s been happening in the market over the past 14 days. We’ve actually had 9 new listings, 8 price reductions and 11 property successfully sold. I think it’s awesome ours number of sales actual ...

Always Double Check Home After Inspection

December 6th, 2010

Tanya talks about how a furnace was left off and how it is important to always double check the home after an inspection, especially vacant homes…

Tanya Rankin: Good morning! It’s Tanya Rankin in Williams Lake. It was a home inspection this weekend where they went through everything so top to bottom and after four hours we left the house locked everything up the homeowners came back. And I ...