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Average Number of Days It Takes To Sell A Home According To BC Northern Stats

Tanya Rankin Discusses The Third Quarter Media Release From The BC Northern Real Estate Board

Tanya Rankin: Hi it’s Tanya Rankin in Williams Lake. Thanks to everyone that help me support and promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month for October of course in November will be sliding in to Movember which is a great time for all of guys out there to show off their beards and at this time I wanna do a quarterly update. Every quarter we get a media release from the BC Northern Real Estate Board and at the end of the second quarter the average listing was taking 64 days to sell and the average sale price was $261,000 at the end of the third quarter so the end of September the average length of time drop to 56 days but the average selling price drop to $243,000. So what that’s telling me is that just a little bit of downward pressure on pricing as well as the fact that when properties are properly priced they are selling really really quickly and I think that’s really great for sellers because they’re not sort of stuck in limbo for the extended period of time. I always think my job as a professional is to price properties to sell within a 60 to 90 day period and that 56 day mark is a little quick but anytime that were taking longer that we need to address what is the reason that we're not getting an offer on our home sometimes it’s just a unique property they can take a little longer other time it’s not being well marketed and of course always we have to look at pricing. If you have any questions send me an email anytime to tanya@tanyarankin.com and I hope you have a fantastic week!