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Blog by Tanya Rankin

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Tanya Rankin Video Blog's About Multiple Offers and Why They Happen

Tanya Rankin and Williams Lake Real Estate Video Blogs About Multiple Offers And Why They Happen And How To Handle The Situation.

Tanya Rankin: Hi, it’s Tanya Rankin in Williams Lake. I want to talk about properties that go into multiple offers. There’s a couple of different things that is important for me to express or help people understand, that when a property goes into a multiple offer it doesn’t mean that its undervalued, often what that means is we are dealing with a property that is very properly priced and also that it could be a very special or unique property. There’s always homes or even in the condo world that we don’t experience

here, there’s always some specific properties that just attract attention, it could be there architecture, it could be their location, it could be how the windows are laid out, the amount of sunshine, a certain amount of property versus just a standard city lot. Things that make it unique and rare and when those properties come on and they're priced properly, they tend to demand attention. The other thing is don’t not put an offer in when it’s a multiple offer, simply because you feel intimidated by the multiple offer. It isn’t always as stressful as what it sounds, simply go in with your best foot forward and try to keep the mindset that if you get it at the price you're going to be really happy. Think of it a bit like an auction, if you at an auction you have to be able to make a quick decision and at times when it’s a multiple offer, sure you’re not going to negotiate necessary the way you would if it’s on a property that’s been on the market for an extended period of time. But what it does mean is, its priced where it needs to be, if you love it go for it , make your best offer, if it’s meant to be walk away thrilled, if you don’t get it walk away and move on to the next home. I you have any questions send me an email anytime to tanya@tanyarankin.com and I hope you have fantastic week.