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Williams Lake Realities 2. Mini Series. June 1st 2018

Tanya Rankin: Hi it’s Tanya Rankin in Williams Lake. I’m gonna go on to the next video in our little mini series and this one is a little bit more about sellers and what I really want to enforce today or at least really in still is the importance of constantly getting your home re-evaluate it if it’s taking you a period of a month or two months to get your home on the market. Right now the market is such that the comparable sales data is changing very rapidly and some of the prices that we’re seeing things sell force especially the ones that are going in to multiple offers getting substantially higher than their asking price that information that you may ever see even two months ago is slightly obsolete so that’s the number one thing. The second thing is if you have any hesitations or you feeling slightly concerned never hesitate to have more than one opinion it’s awesome if you have an agent that you’ve heard positive things about or someone you’ve worked with previously or you really really trust. It’s not such a big deal to you that’s totally fine if you feel free to have that open conversation with them about the market but if you are unsure and you’re slightly concerned about where your house needs to be never hesitate to have more than one persons of professional opinion on pricing in order to help guide you through the process. Just because you have more than one persons opinion on pricing you can still choose the agent you want to work with and whatever you do don’t just based your decision of the pricing based it of their experience, their knowledge as well as the fact if you get a different price and you feel more comfortable with someone feel free to open up that conversation and say “hey I’m a little concerned this is what I saw, this is what someone else suggested” and make sure that the agent you want to work with is able to either be flexible in they’re thinking or the other thing is provide you with the information is to maybe helpful understanding is to why that may have happened. If you have any questions when to pricing and where the market is at please free to contact me anytime at tanya@tanyarankin.com of course you can call me 250-392-0371.