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Williams Lake Realities Series #3 Multiple Offers

Are you stressing out because of a multiple offer situation? Watch this video to learn how to best approach these situations with ease so you can be comfortable in today's market!


Tanya Rankin: Hi it’s Tanya Rankin in Williams Lake. Want to talk to you today in the little mini series real estate realities of what’s happening here in Williams Lake about multiple offers. Multiple offers are not a nice way to have a buy a real estate I don’t even like them and I’ve been in a business for a long time I don’t like it as a buyer and I don’t like it as a professional but sometimes in certain markets they are a reality and there is nothing we can do to change that so I think my message to you today is in this market we face with here in Williams Lake right now multiple offers are the norm and any property that’s desirable is receiving more than one buyer than getting sometimes we’re getting anywhere five to ten showings a day on a single property. You could imagine in a community our size a home that has ten showings on day one and another ten on day two, twenty buyers they’re going to get more than one offers. So if it’s a home you are interested in an important thing to remember almost for sure that could activity they’re going to be getting their full asking price or slightly high it’s unavoidable it’s not an attempt from the agents or professionals to try and push buyers and to pay more for a property but the reality is somebody is going to offer that said kind of money so go into an idea that there is a very strong possibility you will not get an opportunity to counter the offer it will be typically in a sealed envelope or sealed emails situation that the sellers presented with all three offers and they will pick the one that is most desirable to them. So when you’re going to this multiple offers always try to think if somebody’s get that a price x I’m okay with that but up until that I want to be the one that gets the property and going with your best foot forward because truly you won’t rarely have a second opportunity on that property it’s going to go to the strongest offer at the time that’s not always just price it can be many other elements of the contract. Typically price though is one of the most strongest elements in the contract and unfortunately until the market isn’t quite so hot multiple offers are reality here in Williams Lake on many of the homes to become listed. If you have any questions on multiple offers and how to best prepare for them and move forward please feel free to email me anytime at tanya@tanyarankin.com or give me a call at 250-392-0371.